This website is dedicated to a cutout of Klemens Torggler's art works. It is about the EvolutionDoor project and earlier kinetic objects. All other works are not shown here but you can request informations on this by sending an email. The published works are from 2003 to present.

The art works by KT are exclusively produced by himself.

The EvolutionDoor concept as well as any other concept by Klemens Torggler are copyright protected as individual artistic creations, including several embodyments of the sculptures. The protection is internationally valid.


"Weh dir, Betrüger und Dieb von fremder Arbeitsleistung und Einfällen, lass es dir nicht einfallen, deine dreisten Hände an diese Werke anzulegen!" - Albrecht Dürer





Für den Inhalt verantwortlich:
Klemens Torggler, Wien

torggler steel door
Evolution Door, 2013, wood, steel (Foto: Akos Vincze)