Klemens Torggler

Klemens Torggler, EvolutionDoor, 2013, 130cm x 260cm, wood, lacquer/ Foto: Akos Vincze

Studio view, Vienna, background: painting Klemens Torggler, Venlo, 2014, eggtempera/canvas, 200cm x 300cm front: EvolutionDoor, kinetic object, 260cm x 130cm

Klemens Torggler, H war F, 2008, 200cm x 300cm, oilcolour/ canvas

Here you will find artworks by Klemens Torggler with a focus on his well-known

kinetic door sculptures and his paintings.

You will get first hand competent information about the origin of his art and an insight into his artistic approach.

As works of fine art, the creations are subject to copyright protection.