Klemens Torggler

RodDoor is the first kinetic object by Klemens Torggler and was invented in 1997 and publicly exhibited in the same year.

The minimalist design with 2 rectangles and a coupling rod was further developed over the years through iteration and equipped with a second rod in favor of a balanced movement. This object has been manufactured in many ways from all conceivable materials and with various hidden technology. Since the movement is very balanced, i.e. there is no uncontrolled tilting, lightly built objects, despite the shearing rectangles, are absolutely safe to operate and harmless. Only a small amount of force is needed to set the objects in motion, which means that there is only a small amount of kinetic energy in the moving object and therefore the object can easily be brought to a standstill.

Like all kinetic works, these also serve the artist and creator as a playing field for various image motifs in order to work with the change of the motifs through the special movement.

There are also extremely heavy variants of the RodDoor made of solid steel. These works may only be moved by trained personnel.