Klemens Torggler

Over the years, Klemens Torggler has dealt with the most diverse media of the visual arts, including photography, drawing, painting, animated film and design.

Usually at the beginning of a consideration is the drawing. Drawing and painting are the main media of Klemens Torggler and flow into all other works, also and especially into the kinetic sculptures.

In order to create such works, on the one hand, pure imagination is not enough, it requires constant illustration in the form of drawings, on the other hand, the kinetic sculptures, through their relationship to the classic panel painting, are understood as surfaces that allow a high degree of creative freedom, just like a blank canvas.

Klemens Torggler prefers a rather immature work which, however, has sprung 100 percent from his own thoughts to a work which may find recognition and praise in its appearance and style, but is only based on a work by someone else, which has already been appreciated.